Keine Hundescheiße.

Beim Babysitten: Jakob spielt mit seinen Playmobil-Figuren und erzählt mir währenddessen was passiert. Es geht um den König und seine Kinder.

J:... und die Kinder spielen auf der Wiese. Aber DA ist ist keine Hundescheiße.

Games Go Cinema: "Renga"

Following dull interactive movies and (mostly) dull video game adaptations, who would have thought that a fruitful symbiosis between cinema and games was possible? Yet it is! Case in point, wallfour's "Renga", a massively multiplayer coop game meant to be played on a cinemas silver screen. Using only a simple laser pointer, the cinema audience can become participants in the on screen events. "Renga" can handle up to 100 players simultaneously. The game's goal is to build and defend a space station an its game design strongly calls for group coordination. As the linked video from IndieCade 2012 illustrates, "Renga" sessions deliver quite some insight into group dynamics, basic democratic processes and methods of leadership. But what really got me, is the collective excitement it creates. "Renga" is lots of fun and joins it's players in an intense shared experience. Check out the game play in the video above!


Bedtime Stories from the Axis of Evil

Clearly there isn’t much in favour of Bush’s crude rhetoric of the “Axis of Evil”. Yet, the obvious becomes painfully apparent in this short documentary about the habit of telling small children bedtime stories. A habit that is - not so surprisingly - also known in the countries of the so called “Axis of Evil”. In addition to it’s beautiful visual style and some adorable children, this documentary also raises some interesting questions about morality and narrative culture around the world.

So how about some heart warming and thought provoking 30 minutes with bedtime stories from the “Axis of Evil”? Watch it on Doc Alliance!