You've fallen straight into my trap!

The side stories in the action puzzler Puyo Pop are so absurd and far-fetched, that they question their own right of existence and claim it at the same time. I find this pretty clever and especially like the part about the tea bags – it’s really charming!

Paradise Hotel

In the late seventies the Bulgarian administration initiated a unique project in an attempt to solve the problem of Roma ghettos. Aiming to integrate Roma into Bulgarian mainstream society, they were offered flats in a newly built plattenbau on the outskirts of Yambol. 20-ti Blok (Block 20) offered its inhabitants unknown luxury like hot water and electricity - and was therefore dubbed "Paradise Hotel" by some of them. This detached, almost dreamy (at least regarding the subject matter) documentary illustrates the not so utopian state of affairs 25 years later.

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Was uns trennt, ist nur die Zeit...

The "Amigos" sing us a beautiful song about DEATH! Gucken in der ARD Mediathek!
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